For over 15 years, we have been gaining knowledge and experience in the self-storage industry to know what is most important when creating a self-storage center.

We know that when creating new or expanding existing centers, there are many difficult decisions to be made, many questions and doubts arise. We are here to carry out your process investment from concept to implementation. . Dispel doubts, answer questions and solve problems. We provide you with support throughout the entire project, because just like you, we also care about your success.

The key element is that the project is carried out at the highest level. However, the use of even the best materials does not guarantee success - the product is only part of the equation. Our advantage is qualified and committed staff as well as professional and efficient service.

High competences and many years of experience - this is what distinguishes us the most.


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We are constantly developing, so we stay up to date with innovations in the self-storage market.
Our team consists of over 50 experienced, fully committed fitters equipped with modern equipment.

All this so that the project we will implement for you is completed in the shortest possible time while maintaining the highest quality.

We put into use over 1,000
boxes per month throughout Europe. We have also carried out projects in such remote places as an island Reunion in the
Indian Ocean.

No matter if you are one or several thousand kilometers away from us, distance is not a problem for us - our teams will reach everywhere.

Professional installation of boxes

– both in new investments, during reconstruction and renovation.

Highest quality materials

- we cooperate with the largest manufacturers and will match the right product to your individual needs.

Space Design

with the arrangement and division of units in your facility, made by an experienced designer.


- we use the latest solutions, tailored to the needs of the investment.

Project manager support

throughout the installation.

We have our own program to manage your center.

Warranty for all services provided by us for 12 months.

Our mission

Our mission is to build a long-term relationship with the client based on partnership and trust. To achieve this, we are guided by values such as: punctuality, reliability, professionalism. Nowadays, flexibility is key, which is why We are ready to adapt to your needs.

We want to be your business partner - trust us and we will take care of your success.

Artur Bujoczek

Steel art Sp. z o.o.
ul. Miedziana 15a, 40-321 Katowice

(+48) 668 174 381

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(+48) 668 174 381

Steel Art Sp. z o.o.
Miedziana 15a, 0-321 Katowice
tel: (+48) 668 174 381

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