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Self storage warehouses construction and design

That's what you gain by partnering with Steel Art.

At Steel Art, we will design and build your turnkey self-storage facility. Customised to meet the requirements of your investment.

Specialist advice.
Detailed needs analysis.
High-quality materials.
State-of-the-art technology.
Support at every stage of warehouse construction.

Design and construction of self storage warehouses

Self-storage facilities are an increasingly popular storage trend. Such a storage areas are available to everyone and everyone will find space for themselves.

The forerunner of self-storage facilities was America. This storage method has been doing well there for more than 70 years. Europe is not lagging then behind and self-storage facilities are also taking over the markets here.

We are observing an ever-increasing demand for warehouse space. We therefore believe that it is very important to design and equip them properly. Self-storage facilities must make 100% use of their space.

At Steel Art, we design and build self-storage facilities.

Do not hesitate to entrust your investment to us.

We guarantee a very professional service in the construction of storage areas.

Installation of storage boxes

A well-designed warehouse is not just a few standard boxes. The space has to be tailored to the client's needs and vision.
In top of that, it can also fit in as much as possible with the surroundings in terms of architecture.

Steel Art's installation of storage boxes means working with the client from the design stage through to the finished warehouse.

Our storage boxes can range from 1 to 40 m2. However, we will design and install boxes of any size on request. The modularity of this system gives you enormous space arrangement possibilities.

We also assemble mezzanines for self storage warehouses. In this way, each space can be multiplied to increase rental profits.



The self-storage market has experienced a real boom in recent years. Interest in self-storage facilities is growing and the number of self-storage facilities is increasing. Certainly, the pandemic has also contributed to this. Many people are running businesses or selling on the Internet(online). Many people need additional storage space. Therefore, easily accessible storage boxes are gaining in popularity.

The fact that there is a growing demand in the self-storage market offers great opportunities for investors here. The market is receptive and the sector is attractive and has great potential.


What can you expect from Steel Art when you entrust us with the assembly and construction of your self-storage facility?

Attention to every aspect of the project carried out.
Comprehensive service.
Maintenance of self-storage facilities.
Cooperation with market leaders.
Security and health and safety systems, with all the necessary certificates and guarantees.

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